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Welcome Dear Friends…  Velkommen Kære Venner… Willkommen liebe Freunde… Bienvenidos queridos amigos... Welcome to all

I hope we will see you soon at the next gathering of World Leaders  in Renewable Energy:

WWEC 2012 Bonn, Germany

This is the time to embrace all that we can do to make this a happier, healthier, and more sustainable Planet.  Join me in exploring the possibilities. With open minds,  open hearts,  and together as communities who care, we can bring about the solutions that we need to make this the World we want.

Integrated and Caring Communities

Healthy Food and Lifestyles

Sustainable Development and Renewable Technologies

Wholistic Education, Apprenticeship and the Trades

New Wind Tech from OrganoWorld Winga

The Winga E-Generator's power curve between 4 and 7 m/s when the winds are the most frequent, each of the three generators are at full power - 1.8 megawatts x3 for a total of 5.4 MW. Low Velocity Wind .. High Yield Energy…..  Is it possible?

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AE Energy… AKA: modified Borehole Storage Systems for Green Heating and Cooling…  a real world renewable for residential and community district heating systems..
I am proud to present the Atmospheric Energy System that heats and cools my home…

It is an improvement on standard geo-thermal systems

It stores atmospheric heat energy in the ground for when you need it.
It provides a place to dump excess indoor heat during summer..

Acts as a balance space heating and cooling system

Clean, quiet, no fuel, no flame… high efficiency

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It works for me.. It might work for you too.. Find out more and help spread the awareness of this remarkable Renewable Energy System