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Heal the World:

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Heal the World

Music, Lyrics and Singing Volker Thomsen and Alexander Thomsen

When Concrete covers most of our fertile land
and thoughts of sadness doubt and fear are strong
when growing greed is getting out of hand 
we need to sing and dance a joyful jolly song
Together we will spread the word
that we’ll succeed to heal the world
When farmers die and crops are been deserted
starvation grows with aggro industry
When government and banks have us alerted 
and sickness creeping slowly into you and me
Together we will spread the word
that we’ll succeed to heal the world
LIFE learning and our newest green technology
can change the flow of water energy
best friends microbes again can grow and enter  
and healing sun  strong wind  and joyful melody
Together we will spread the word
that we’ll succeed to heal the world
United we together show the dying world
that life  microbes and our will is strong
the land the flowers all the ailing trees 
again are green and strong and so are all the bees 
Together we will spread the word
that we’ll succeed to heal the world


It is with great delight that I propose that you accept the invitation  to another very promising World Wind Energy Conference WWWEC2015.net  26-28 October in Jerusalem


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The Topic:

Innovation for 100% Renewable Energy

In Harmony with the Environment

This is a realistic goal for a well located and educated country like Israel with an abundance of Sun, Wind and Biomass it also would lend itself in the near future to change to electrical cars including public transportation.

Another important fact is the great level of education, skills training and awareness of the people. This should also encourage the government to showcase Israels capabilities to adopt to todays environmental needs, without any further delay, to the great benefit of the health and wellbeing of the people and the environment and the economy as well of the social, cultural and political evolution.

Combine your support for this long overdue development to make Israel independent of the fossil fuel addiction and make the air, water and food breathable, eatable and healthy again. In this spirit I do invite us all to support this event that also will be an important building block for creating a sustainable peace in the Middle East and stop the unnecessary suffering of all parties involved! See you all in Jerusalem In October! Volker Thomsen

Watch this very inspiring Video about Community Power Energy and Love:


Volker Thomsen explains the idea of Community power and the relationship between Energy and Love 


Inspiring WWEC2014 in Shanghai WWEC2014 Conference Resolution 13th World Wind Energy Conference Distributed Wind Power Shanghai, China, 7-9 April 2014 The World Wind Energy Association, the Chinese Wind Energy Association, Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association and the China National Renewable Energy Centre welcomed the presence of those 500 participants from 40 countries attending this Conference, from wind and all other renewable energy technologies and create one of the best WWEC of the last few years.

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WWEC2013 in Havana will put Cuba and the Caribbean on the Wind  Map of the World WWEC2013 Conference Resolution 12th World Wind Energy Conference and Renewable Energy Exhibition Opening Doors for Caribbean Wind Havana, Cuba, 3-5 June 2013 The World Wind Energy Association and the Center of Study for Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER), welcome the presence of those 560 participants from 42 countries attending this Conference, from wind and all other renewable energy technologies.


Welcome Dear Friends…  Velkommen Kære Venner… Willkommen liebe Freunde… Bienvenidos queridos amigos... Welcome to all


This is the time to embrace all that we can do to make this a happier, healthier, and more sustainable Planet.  Join me in exploring the possibilities. With open minds,  open hearts,  and together as communities who care, we can bring about the solutions that we need to make this the World we want. Integrated and Caring Communities Healthy Food and Lifestyles Sustainable Development and Renewable Technologies Wholistic Education, Apprenticeship and the Trades. You will find lots of info when you study all links left side. 

New Wind Tech from OrganoWorld Winga

  The Winga E-Generator's power curve between 4 and 7 m/s when the winds are the most frequent, each of the three generators are at full power - 1.8 megawatts x3 for a total of 5.4 MW. Low Velocity Wind .. High Yield Energy…..  Is it possible?

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