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IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED by the Canadian Government

06.23.09 | Comment?

Canadian Renewable Energy Leaders at World Wind Energy Conference in Korea demand action to secure Canada’s role as an innovator and leader in Renewable Energy

JEJU/BONN/TORONTO, June 23, 2009:

WWEA and OSEA congratulate the Canadian parliament for its commitment made June 17th to join the more than 100 countries to become a full member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) of governments. IRENA’s mandate is to support knowledge transfer, policy development and the promotion of the rapid deployment of renewable energy worldwide. Renewable energy is abundant, can provide access to electricity to all citizens worldwide, drive economic development and can be generated by individuals, communities of all sizes and the corporate sector.

The second IRENA founding meeting will be in Sharm El Sheikh on June 29, 2009. At this crucial meeting the seat and the founding Director General will be determined and it is imperative that the Canadian Government without any delay implements the parliaments decision to join IRENA. In order to participate in the decision making, to be recognized as a founding nation including applying for the seat and the leadership position, Canada must declare its position and attend the meeting in Sharm El Sheikh June 29, 2009. The urgency and the limited time requires a flexible and immediate solution.

A solution is easily at hand. Currently the 8th World Wind Energy Conference (WWEC) is being held on Jeju Island, South Korea following the spectacular success of last years conference held in Kingston Ontario Canada, where more than 900 delegates from around the world gathered and the idea of an Ontario Green Energy Act began.

Ontario Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure George Smitherman, architect of the newly passed Green Energy and Green Economy Act, is a keynote speaker at the WWEC in South Korea and could be requested to join or lead the Federal government’s delegation.

The other members of the Canadian contingency of renewable energy leaders presently participating in WWEC 2009 if mandated, are also prepared, to join participants from many others countries. This generous offer should not be denied and can together with the Canadian Embassy in Cairo support and guaranty a smooth and successful integration of other Canadian delegates and Minister.

Canadians country-wide are calling for change, joining the voices of citizens around the world in their demand for increased renewable energy to stimulate green jobs, green house gas emission reduction and increased energy security.

Volker Thomsen
Canadian Representative and Treasurer
World Wind Energy Association

Kristopher Stevens
Executive Director
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

For more information, contact:

Volker Thomsen

Kristopher Stevens
Executive Director
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association
Email: Kristopher@ontario-sea.org

Phone: 82-10-4181-8885 (In Korea)

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