IRENA: The International Renewable Energy Agency

IRENA (The International Renewable Energy Agency) is the bringer of hope through distributed power generation for economic development in communities of any size everywhere.

IRENA will help every country to get access to the know-how and technology transfer that is required for their sustainable development.

IRENA is now in the process of establishing it’s seat, and appointing its Director General.

Founding Assembly of IRENA

Germany and Denmark have a long time time solid track record of implementing renewable energy systems and best practices in sustainability. They dedicate billions in ongoing foreign aid and technology transfer.

I strongly believe that Germany and Denmark have everything that is needed to serve as an excellent seat from which IRENA can grow outwards to help establish renewable energy and sustainable technology in all communities throughout the world.

David Suzuki and Volker Thomsen sharing thoughts

Volker Thomsen and David Suzuki, Kingston, Canada

The new International Renewable Energy Agency ( IRENA ) holds second very important preparatory meeting in EGYPT on June 29

Egypt will host the second founding and preparatory meeting of the International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA. The main task at the meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh will be the selection of the Director General and the selection of the seat location for the Agency.  The work program of the agency, which is set up like other international agencies, was put together at a founding conference in January.  It is aimed at driving the world’s transition to renewable energy and sustainable technology.

IRENA was officially established in Bonn on 26 Jan 2009. Currently, 100 countries including the US, UK, India and  most of the European States, have signed or signaled that they will sign it’s statute:


Hermann Scheer, a member of the German Parliament, founder of EuroSolar and an original founding father of the agency, has expressed the hope that Canada, China and Russia  will sign on as well.

The agency will play an important role in correcting the idea that renewable energy costs too much, and through the right policy support and a globally integrated technological transfer infrastructure, renewables will be made more accessible around the world.

IRENA will help foster and organize the right approach to renewable energy, as it is now clearly understood that renewables hold an important key to economic development around the world.  They are a new pillar of the future’s economic stability and prosperity, and represent a move in the right direction towards growth and renewal. “It [renewable energy] creates so many macro-economic benefits in each country where it happens that the argument that it would be any economic burden is totally wrong.” says Scheer.

While supporting the development of renewable energy potentials within developed countries around the world, IRENA will also be providing a critical form of international aid to the developing world by sponsoring  effective financial mechanisms, state-of-the-art technological transfer, and expertise in energy systems best practices.

IRENA is a new global agency with the potential to help create millions of jobs around the world, and a higher quality of life for billions of people on the planet.

IRENA is very important news.

May 09 IRENA Newsletter
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IRENA, Enroute to Prosperity for everyone, everywhere.

*The physical potentials of renewable energy around the world is brilliantly demonstrated by the graphic below. You will notice that there is not one single place on this magnificent planet that does not have several of these renewable energy sources, and therefor there is no doubt that by the intelligent integration and development of renewables, all communities around the world can have access to clean and safe electric power.

Renewable energy is cost effective, and fully capable of powering our world needs.

Clean, renewable and safe, distributed  power is the key to community sustenance everywhere.

Renewable energy is the ubiquitous source of electric power that can be made available to all.

Also please note that there is one more renewable energy system source which we must carefully consider in this equation. That is the Atmospheric Energy (AE) system.  A system developed by Ron Tolmie is currently being piloted at Thomsen House. The AE system is quite distinct from a geo-thermal system, and in many respects offers benefits that a standard geo-thermal system can not. The AE system collects green, low grade heat which is ideal for space heating and is also a complimentary system for certain forms of energy load shifting and balancing. We can place the potential of the AE system (see pdf AE-role) somewhere between that of the Biomass and Wind potentials in the graphic above, (more than likely closer to the Wind).

IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)

The keys to a sustainable future rests with the support of fair and correct government policies and the quick deployment of a completely distributed, yet integrated, renewable technology systemic.

When we fully embrace the renewable technology basis, the potentials are limitless and positive socio-economic progress is inherent.

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