Hermann Scheer on Renewable Energy

No one makes the case for Renewable Energy better than Dr. Herman Scheer.  As a pioneering leader in wind and solar technology and policy in Germany, his models and praxis serve as a blueprint for the world energy situation. In his speach he outline the problems associated with the current energy system, and the elements needed to transition towards the renewable energy future, now.

After the Hermann Scheer WWEC2008 speech, there is a bonus clip with David Suzuki, Herman Scheer and Kristopher Stevens.

Thank You to all WWEC 2008 Supporters and Participants

WWEC 2008 Logo

To all participants, delegates, presenters and members of the WWEC2008 and the greater Community Power Community including students, faculty, staff and board at OSEA, WWEA and SLC

Dear friends and colleagues:

I very much appreciate the huge amount of feedback I have received from everywhere but particularly from students. It is great that you are sharing the positive feeling and energy with most of the 800 participants, delegates, volunteers and hosts. This has been an extraordinary event. Somehow people for a change did not focus on the negative but on the positive opportunities.

St. Lawrence Colleges could not shine as a five star convention center but fared extremely well as a seven star community college. Everybody felt at home at SLC in one global community. We all felt secure and well looked after including a wholesome and delicious food, good shelter and wonderful music. Together with 5 Ontario Ministers and the President of the Canadian Parliament / Speaker of the House of Commons Peter Milliken who all whole heartily joined the strong commitment to a better and sustainable future. On Friday Following these outstanding activities the Minister of Research and Innovation the Hon. John Wilkinson and I hosted a round table to sum up the opportunities moving forward. We were joined by the Hon. John Garretson Minister of the Environment and 14 world leaders in renewable energy policy making. The inspiring discussion did bring out that there is a feeling of the World and very much including Ontario having been mislead in the past but that here is an openness to listen to people or countries that have made a successful transition and change.

We all at one time believed that the large energy providers of this World have the competence and ownership of introducing the long overdue change. We have all found that our trust in their ability has been in vain or at least ignored. We are in a situation were we must find better ways as some leading countries already have done. I mentioned the example that if we want to introduce real change we can not expect the very people that have been preventing change to lead this transition. It may be a bad example but is like asking criminals to design a legal framework against crime and also lead the implementation.

However that does not mean we do not want to include the big energy providers in the discussion and also consider their perspective. But is has to be in a way that we together will create a community based pathway to a sustainable future. Many huge monopolists have showcased their lack of leadership and their tendency to misuse the power for too long that we can ignore this. I encourage the Ontario Government to use a strong new broom to clean the filth of the past and let companies like Hydro One become what they should be a jewel and a customer oriented clean provider for efficient, healthy and sustainable energy. The future can and should include and inspire all to be part of a peaceful revolution towards a renewable or new energy age. The oil and coal age is already history and finished and not worth fighting any more wars over.

It was inspiring to see the passion and listen to the Ministers John Gerretsen, Donna Cansfield and Leona Dombrowsky when they articulated a united
pathway to a sustainable future and it was particularly uplifting to listen to the Deputy Premier the Hon. George Smitherman first public speech as the newly appointed Minister of Energy and Infrastructure. He is open to anything and willing to act. That sounds promising and if we support him properly in this huge undertaking I am certain that he and the strong united Government of Ontario under Dalton McGuinty leadership will succeed in finding the right way. A planned visit to Germany and Denmark will be very helpful and the partnership offer by the German Ministry of the Environment and Nuclear Safety promises great progress and outcomes. The round table hosted by the Minister of Research and Innovation John Wilkinson on the Friday following directly the conference was an eye opener and great conclusion. The 14 world leaders together with Ministers John Wilkinson and John Gerretsen who also was able to join the discussion was another encouragement to move forward with optimism and a clear set of goals.

Community Power was well presented by leaders like Herman Albers. Nobody but him could demonstrate a successful movement better, he is himself being a farmer and the president of the largest Wind Energy Association in Germany a real community power group, largest on Earth representing 20.000 members, who have build 25.000 MW of RE electricity capacity to be doubled to 50.000 MW by 2020.

Our own tireless environmental Troubadour of the “Nature of Things” David Suzuki and the Architect of the European Feed Inn Tariffs and alternative Nobel Prize winner Dr. Hermann Scheer lead our choir of community power by articulating powerful messages to the world. The Napanee High school students and tireless inventors, designers and developers of an innovative solar powered Sterling engine who did compare well with world leaders demonstrated community power at its best and real hope for a bright future in Ontario and elsewhere. A large delegation from China and India lead a strong presentation from 60 small and large evolving countries. It was very rewarding to see how all these groups of different nationalities and cultures
where united around our Theme Music and Song “Community Power, Energy and Love” Helmut Lipsky, Suzie LeBlanc and their international colleagues

did present this very powerful and energizing music specially composed for the event in a unforgettable way. Sometime in the early fall this music will be available and can be ordered via OSEA or Helmut Lipskys webpage.

Finally I want to mention that several documentary films were created during the WWEC2008 and the one hour Documentary “Winds of Change” that is building on the Napanee High school students stunning inspiration will be the center of my next commitment. I am planning to present this at 100 high-schools in Eastern Ontario between September and early next year and with the help of 100 student ambassadors across our great country we will spread the peaceful revolution of the “Winds of Change” through additional thousands of high schools and this way reach a few million young people in North America. My generation and the following generations have not done very well in preserving our environment. The young people, our future leaders will certainly do much better and eventually make us proud of how they succeeded in supporting the long overdue turnaround to a sustainable future. On a personal note my next long range mission will center on our home and “The One House Revolution” showcasing how an individual can make a difference and create a self sufficient home in a economic feasible way for the average family. Starting this fall I will open our home to the public, including schools and students, once a week and also demonstrate how viable a small indoor winter garden can be.

As a small present and symbol from my colleagues Dale Dolan from OSEA and Stefan Gsaenger from the WWEA and my appreciation to have been of an important service I include the lyrics and the logo of the Theme Song. “Community Power, Energy and Love”

May the great Spirit be with you at all times and guide you towards a peaceful and sustainable future!.

If we can be of any service do not hesitate to contact us.

Best personal greetings!


Some of the exceptional press coverage has been scanned and will be forwarded to you in portions during the next few days.
In addition to this we did get a great National and International coverage of TV and Radio.

WWEC 2008 media coverage from The Kingston Whig-Standard Newspaper

Dr. David Suzuki Keynote Speaker at WWEC 2008 ~media coverage

Volker Thomsen
Executive Chair World Wind Energy Conference 2008                                                                    
Executive Chair of numerous World Conferences and Events
Founding Vice President World Wind Energy Institute                                                                         
Chair Thomsen Foundation for a Sustainable Future                                                                           Founding inaugurator of LIFE Bangladesh “Learning by Playing
President & CEO, Retired. St. Lawrence College                                                                             Now Living and Volunteer Work in Lübeck-Travemünde Germany                                                                volker.thomsen@gmail.com 
Tel.: *49 4502 845  Cell: +49 176 9973 4909

St. Lawrence College Entrepreneurial Visionary on the Move July07


Volker Thomsen assumed his duties as President and CEO of St. Lawrence College on October 1, 2000. In September 2004 St. Lawrence College Board of Governors appointed Volker Thomsen for a second five-year term, from 2005 to 2010.


Thomsen has more than 30 years experience as a successful founder, shareholder and CEO of a group of companies in the food, natural health products, pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing sectors. He has, furthermore, during the same period been involved in renewable energy, particularly in Denmark and Germany. He participated in planning wind parks in conjunction with biomass reactors, enabling rural communities to combine energy in a meaningful way and be independent of outside supplies. 


September 2001, St. Lawrence established its first wind generator at the Cornwall Campus. Presently there are plans for a big wind generator on the Kingston Campus, and the College is engaged in a large-scale community plan for renewable energy.  The solar, heat pump and wind fueled SLC Energy House is demonstrator in partnership with the local school boards. Thomsen is one of the visionaries behind the first                         

$410 million wind park in Ontario that will be launched on Wolfe Island 2008.                                                          

In May of 2006, Thomsen spearheaded the foundation of the World Wind Energy Institute; participants from institutes spanning five continents met on St. Lawrence College’s Kingston campus to activate this global network of educational and renewable energy institutes dedicated to student exchange and learning in the field of renewable and sustainable energies.

Thomsen has also been actively engaged in music and in the arts, both in Europe and in Canada. In this capacity he is also the founder of “Festivals on the St. Lawrence.” This international festival in Northern New York and Eastern Ontario is focused on music, art and heritage on both sides of the river.

Volker Thomsen has worked most of his life in his international businesses located in over 20 countries, including Canada. He was also a leading director of a co-operative bank in his hometown Flensburg, an old Danish city on the German/Danish border, and remained on its supervisory board for fifteen years.

Thomsen’s interest in education, adult learning and training began early in his career. Having experienced apprenticeship training first-hand, Thomsen is a strong advocate for apprenticeship programs, vocational programs and community colleges in Canada. He was a member of the Minister’s Action Table and of the Ontario MTCU (Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities) Training Branch Steering Committee for Reforming Apprenticeships, where he has participated in creating a Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship program, an innovative approach that is expanding rapidly. He was also the driving force behind SLC creating its first three bachelor degrees, and initiating the first two CITO funded applied research projects.

Thomsen has received numerous awards. Latest examples:

ü      In 2003 the Greater Kingston Area Chamber of Commerce recognized Volker Thomsen as “Business Person of the Year”.

ü      In 2006 he received two MTCU (Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities) Apprenticeships awards.

ü      In February 2007 He was honoured with the Kingston Technology Council Champion Award.

ü      March 2007 he was inducted into the “Klaus Woerner Skilled Trades Hall of Fame“ by Skills Canada in Kitchener.

In the future Volker Thomsen is dedicating his energy to lead the World Wind Energy Conference 2008 in Kingston, chairing Thomsen Foundation for a Sustainable Future with the focus on sustainable energy and supporting students in needs with training and education.

At the whole day retirement celebration for his departure in June 2007, students, staff and friends presented commemorations, music and entertainment including a song that is distinctive for his impact at SLC:

Song for Volker

(For the June 21, 2007 celebration of St. Lawrence College)

(To the tune of My Favorite Things Sound of Music/Trapp Family)


Windmills and biomass and big solar panels

Energy management using renewables

Sustainable lifestyles we all need to bring

These are a few of your favourite things.


Red wine and chocolate and fine veggie dinners

Nothing but whole grain to make us all winners

Plenty of exercise, don’t forget to sing

These are a few of your favourite things.


Seven great years at St. Lawrence now ending

You’ve made us proud and best wishes we’re sending

Plenty of memories we’ll not forget

We don’t think we’ve heard the last of you yet….


When enrolment sags

When expenses sting

When our funding is bad

We simply remember your favourite things

And then we don’t feel so sad!


Life is Beautiful and we are Enroute to a Sustainable Prosperous Future

Canada – Enroute to Prosperity

Canada – Enroute to Prosperity

Enroute to Prosperity


This book is dedicated to our political leaders, to encourage the introduction of long overdue changes. The turbulent Canadian political scene creates major challenges but equally tremendous opportunities. Our last year appointed Prime Minister Paul Martin and his minority government can relate to the new power players, like Dalton McGuinty, Jean Charest and others, along with their respective governments, in a co-operative way. Hopefully the opportunity will be utilized. This book is equally dedicated to the opposition members, who under the leadership of Steven Harper, Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton have a historic opportunity to inspire and support change, whether as the official opposition, a coalition, or a supporting partner or future government. Once the political waters after the upcoming election have calmed somewhat, it may even induce some of the parties to get on board on this exciting voyage to an overdue political renewal and to new economic, social and cultural horizons. Ralph Klein’s Alberta government is in spite of their oil sand environmental dilemma leading on the renewable energy front, and its commitment to purchase 90 percent of its power needs in the form of renewable energy should be an inspiration to other premiers and particularly to the new future federal government.

Canada - Enroute to Prosperity

Since the publishing of this book a year ago some very positive changes were introduced by McGuinty’s Government, which will create additional opportunities including very innovative educational and training policies, the Ministry of Health Promotion, the new Ministry of Innovation and the new “Energy Leadership Conservation Act”, which in spite of the inherited atomic power disaster still can help a turnaround. The newly appointed Ministers of Energy must possesses the necessary passion, commitment and leadership to make it happen.

In many countries, including Canada, it has been proven that under minority governments and coalitions there can be periods of increased change and innovation and more productive co-operation than under majority governments. While Canada may not have a rich history of forming coalitions over longer periods, sound coalitions in many societies have produced some of the best results that governments can achieve.

Section 1: Innovation for Canada

In creating an innovative Canadian approach, we could lead our nation and the world to an industrial, social, economic and cultural renewal.
We want to understand our key health care challenges as opportunities for introducing an increased focus on preventative medicine, improving lifestyles and teaching our youngest citizens these means of avoiding chronic illness, thus reducing the need for increasing services and escalating costs.
Dealing properly with energy use and the environment and focusing on renewable/green energy could lead to the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs.
Because of Canada’s size, transportation and communication of any kind plays a major role. We should therefore inspire and help the automotive, automotive parts, communications, IT and microelectronics industries to create new and innovative products. Because of our harsh climate, better-designed and -insulated homes should utilize alternative sources of energy. In particular, innovative management of water and waste water offers unlimited opportunities for expansion.
Access to education, training and skills acquisition should be created under the umbrella of provincial leadership, but federal policies and standards need to be in place so that all Canadians have the opportunity to show the world we can be competitive with other leading innovative industrial nations, like those in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia.
Canada is known for its friendly people and as a vast and beautiful land. We should not allow Canada to drift in the direction of mediocrity! Let us also make Canada known for being a leader in innovation and learning, where opportunities and development are linked to the whole population in a holistic way. Let us embrace innovation and renewal.

Section 2: Food for Thought

“Food for Thought” deals with parts of a revised and updated extract of my original book that was written in support of Michael Gorbachev’s reforms in the Soviet Union.
Perestroika, Our Environment and Food for the World was originally published in 1988 in Germany, Denmark and Russia, in German, Danish and Russian.
This includes an updated inspiration to “Canada Eat and Live Smart.” I renamed it “Food for Thought” after the translation into English and revision.
“Food for Thought” is a documentation of today’s challenges and opportunities. Pollution of the environment, the waste of energy, unnatural nutrition, lack of sport, civilization diseases and drug addictions are problems of our time. Hereto, I offer a few practical solutions.
This part is a basic introduction to an optimal nutrition and lifestyle to help you to improve and maintain your health. At the end of part two I share information and numerous personal recipes to get you going.
Have fun!