Song for Volker

(from the June 21, 2007 celebration of St. Lawrence College)
(to the tune of  My Favorite Things/Sound of Music/Trapp Familie)

Windmills and biomass and big solar panels
Energy management using renewables
Sustainable lifestyles we all need to bring
These are a few of your favourite things.

Red wine and chocolate and fine veggie dinners
Nothing but whole grain to make us all winners
Plenty of exercise, don’t forget to sing
These are a few of your favourite things.

Seven great years at St. Lawrence now ending
You’ve made us proud and best wishes we’re sending
Plenty of memories we’ll not forget
We don’t think we’ve heard the last of you yet….

When enrollment sags
When expenses sting
When our funding’s bad
We simply remember your favourite things
And then we don’t feel so sad!

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