Urgent Appeal to the Member Delegates of IRENA

Urgent Appeal to the Founding Countries of IRENA and their Distinguished Delegates

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IRENA is a new beacon of light and hope for the worldwide propagation of safe, clean, renewable, and widely distributed power generation.

IRENA will help every country get access to the policy know-how and technology transfer that is required for their sustainable and economic development.

Our current dependence on large central coal, oil, gas and nuclear power generation is counterproductive to distributed community-based power generation for local economic development. These outdated models have made us dependent on non-renewable sources of fuel at the expense of our environment, our security, and our economic sustainability.

IRENA is our international responsibility, and opportunity to globally transition us into the age of renewables, which is based on the free and distributed power of the sun, wind, earth, and water. The age of processing fuels is coming to a close. The development of appropriate technologies which harness free and renewable resources will now create jobs, security, and prosperity everywhere.

It is imperative that IRENA be built upon the sound and competent foundation of expertise in renewable energy generation, community power, and sustainable best practices. Such expertise is grounded in the work of Hermann Scheer, Hans Joergen Koch and their peers. Through their knowledge, experience, dedication and effort, they built the foundation upon which IRENA now stands.

Hans Joergen Koch is one of the founding fathers of IRENA who, from the beginning has been deeply involved in the actual establishment of the Agency through a constructive cooperation with all member countries. He possesses many years of proven, successful, national and international experience at a high level, and in a broad field of energy related activities. He will serve as a guarantor of well-balanced solutions that integrate the valuable work of Hermann Scheer and the interests of each individual member State.

In the same respect, Germany and Denmark have a long time, solid track record of implementing renewable energy and renewable integration best-practices. They are models of success in making community power work, and they are strongly committed to an ongoing and robust renewable energy technology transfer.

These countries and their supporting allies can guaranty immediate access to everything that is needed to quickly assist the world in transitioning to independent and distributed renewable power generation. With shared commitments of billions in foreign aid, an established research, education and development base, and an annual support of more than 500 million for RE implementation in evolving countries, it is within their scope and capacity to coalesce international efforts and effect the creation of hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide, within communities of every size.

Germany and Denmark are at the epicenter of the global renewable renaissance and their credibility and track record proves exactly what they truly stand for; renewable energy and sustainable re-development. The seat of IRENA must be located in a place that can serve as an established base of expertise and proven best practices.

Build IRENA upon the strong foundations of expertise and success, and renewable energy can become quickly adopted everywhere for a new era of global peace and prosperity.

The real physical potential of renewable energies is brilliantly demonstrated in the graphics on page 9 of the founding IRENA Brochure (and below). We encourage you to study this carefully, You will detect that there is not one place on our planet that does not have several of these plentiful sustainable resources.

Most distinguished representatives of the Founding Member Countries of IRENA, don’t go for the temptation of unfounded promises, but rather, make a very important, and wise choice that is based on a long time proven foundation and credible track record of successful renewable energy integration. Choose Bonn Germany as the Seat, elect Hans Joergen Koch from Denmark as the trusted founding Director General, and ask the original founder father of IRENA Hermann Scheer to continue to mentor this Agency so that it can grow beautiful, strong and able to truly do what it has set out to do..

Signed on behalf of the silent majority of unheard voices of this world:

Zhouqing Li, Volker Thomsen, and Patrik Snajdr

Let us all help move the true potentials of renewable energy to the forefront of our common global agenda.

We thank you and trust that in your deepest wisdom you will know this to be the right way forward.

Renewable energy is the ubiquitous source of electric power that can be made available to all.

Please view Volker’s Video at http://VolkerThomsen.com/irena-the-international-renewable-energy-agency/

Blessings around the World.

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