WWEC2013 in Havana will put Cuba and the Caribbean on the Wind Energy World Map

WWEC2013 June 3rd to 5th, in Havana Cuba

WWEC2013 in Havana  will put Cuba and the Caribbean on the Wind Energy World Map

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

You have some time ago received the first official invitation from the hosting partners the Cuban People & Government as well as the WWEA in Bonn.
My personal advance appeal to my friends is to encourage you all already now to plan to  participate in this exiting world event that will help to put Cuba, the entire Caribbean Basin with all its countries and all of the Americas on the Renewable World map for a sustainable future. The Caribbean is blessed with wind and sun an yet the electricity and energy consumption is mainly based on fossil fuels. This is an outstanding opportunity for a concerted effort to change this and to utilize this great opening of a huge new market  for the industry to use any present free capacities for the development of this very promising area of the world. Put this important opportunity into your 2013 calendar!
The single biggest opportunity for advancement of the Cuban region and everywhere is laying in the introduction of sustainable innovative renewable energies,  efficient systems, transportation systems on the same principals and advancing all of the buildings including public buildings, industries and tourist facilities. This will showcase to the world that they take the environment serious by drastically reducing the fossil fuel consumption and replacing them with clean electricity based on the resources of Sun, Wind, biomass and others. All these resource are in abundance available everywhere and just need to be developed and harvested and not wasted.
Scandinavia and Germany/Europe have per capita shown the lead for quite some time and now it is time for all of us to get out of the fossil fuel addiction. Particularly for the Caribbean Basin this is an enormous opportunity that needs to be taken. In a region blessed with so much beauty, sun and wind we must and will succeed in building a future for the following generations with fresh air, clean water, buildings in harmony with its surroundings and wholesome organic grown food.
It is very timely to activate and to promote RE and particularly innovative wind energy systems in the Caribbean, Middle America and all of the Americas. This conference will attract presenters from all over the world with the most advanced and smart systems and technologies. We are living in an era of big changes if we together approach this with a focus on quality and sustainability we will be part of an exiting journey where the renewable energy will be front and centre. This peaceful revolution  will bring energy culture and prosperity to Cuba, the Caribbean and the whole world.
As part of the Cuban tradition and culture including the art, music and heritage you will during and around the WWEC2013 in Havana and everywhere in Cuba experience the finest world class beaches, fantastic hotels, fine natural organic food and world class entertainment presented in the most perfect and joyful way.
See you all in Havana! – Nos vemos en La Habana
Best regards

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